SHARE THE FIRE. Share the fight.

The offer of Jesus is life, but your journey to take hold of it will be the fight of your life. You can win that fight, but you cannot do it alone. Share the battle with men who want the same things you want and have to fight through the same stuff to get it. There is tremendous hope and power in our stories, which is why we take a few hours together off the front lines. Stories among good men embolden, bring deeply needed perspective, instruct, inspire, and are medicine to the soul. Where are you getting this? Come and get it here.

"Blessed be God, my mountain, who trains me to fight fair and well." - King David



For Who: 
Fight Club is for men in San Antonio or nearby suburgatory.  

Typically the first Wednesday night of each month. 7-9:30pm. It happens with irregularity so to find out when they are being hosted, subscribe to receive dispatches (just below).

What to Bring:
Camp Chair, Bible, Journal, Pen, a Willingness to be yourself.

17203 Molino Court
San Antonio, TX 78247

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The role of suffering with Christ is consistently referred to as a privilege in scripture.  But how?  Last month we took a close look at the inescapable role of suffering in the life and development of God's sons, then invited God to help us interpret our own misunderstood suffering. What a difference it makes to know that the sacrifices of sons actually feed the world and weave a bond with Jesus like nothing else.