The Journey to Being Sons

Somewhere between boyhood and manhood a piece of our masculine soul turns up missing. Its recovery is made possible only by setting out on a journey to find it. The life you are uniquely created to live waits on this.  Are you willing to believe God is behind all this, waiting for you to step out so he can do something impossibly good in you?

Take the journey.  You were born for this.


Where do you want to start?

 4 days to invest in yourself

Give God 4 days to awaken the sleeping giant in you.

 an ADVENTURE with your child

One-on-one adventures that'll redefine your relationship.

share a fire.
and your fight. 

Find local men who are going in your direction and join them.

Why attend another "Men's thing"?

We get it. You've already invested your valuable time in men's retreats that were informative, but what changed? Men don't need more information or inspiration. What we need is revelation and transformation. We need the "life to the full" Jesus promised. That's why we lead these personal journeys to help men shake free from the bondages of culture, religion and personal story to find their way back home to God. You can become the man God created you to be.

Are you ready for a real change? Then you really ought to try this.

fight club

The offer of Jesus is life, but your journey to take hold of it will be the fight of your life. You can win that fight, but not alone. You need men who want the same things you want and have to fight the same stuff to get it. That’s why once a month we take a few hours to step off the front lines, drink deep joy and tell stories. Stories among good men embolden, bring deeply needed perspective, instruct, inspire, and are medicine to the soul. Where are you getting this? Come and get it here.

Upcoming Event

Monthly in San Antonio


BASIC boot camp

Hosted by the Alamo Band of Brothers

Has your life left you asking the question "Is this it?"  Resist the temptation to give up and you will find there are a handful of men like you looking for an older, proven path to become a man who is both true and strong. With a little help pulling some pieces together you will discover a treasure worth selling everything you have to make yours.

Upcoming Event

October 17-20, 2019
Blanco, TX


ADVANCED boot camp

Hosted by the Alamo Band of Brothers

This event is hosted only once every 2 years for men who have already attended the BASIC Boot Camp hosted by ABOB or a Ransomed Heart Wild at Heart Boot Camp. As beautiful as the experience at BASIC was, it was simply preparation for this.


October of 2020



feedback from BASIC AND ADVANCED Boot camps...

"Because of the time I have spent at ABOB retreats, the journey I am on with (God) is deeper, wider, freer and more exciting than I could have ever dreamed or imagined."

- Jaimie Hayne,
ABOB Alumni


"I have attended and put on close to 20 boot camps, but this ABOB Advanced has been the greatest. I came with questions and am leaving with the answers I SO needed.""

- David Colborn,
ABOB Advanced Alumni

"Dear ABOB men, I honestly do not even know where to start. ABOB was an awakening.  Not just for my husband, but also for me and our family...
read their story

-Jamie Amerman
(wife of ABOB Alumni)

Real stories from men.

Receive notice of upcoming events.

Fathering is a journey
you don't have to take alone.

invest a weekend in your relationship and watch it grow.

While technology and the disorienting pace of life distract us, your child's last precious years at home can easily slip through your fingers. Are you giving them what they need from you? Your role as father is critical, and that why Being Sons hosts age and gender specific adventures that equip fathers to understand their child's needs, affirm them in an unforgettable way, and start preparing for the future. Both of you will love your one-on-one time away as you grow closer together in this amazing outdoor classroom.

He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers...
— Malachi 4:6
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base camp

For Fathers with Daughters age 7-13

FIRST BLOOM is a weekend adventure that will prepare you as your precious girl moves out of childhood and into her exciting teenage years This is the perfect place to make decisive course corrections before larger issues arise. Let us orchestrate a beautiful shared experience for you to pursue your daughter’s heart and help you become her hero forever.


November 1-3, 2019
Camp Eagle
Rocksprings, TX


base camp

For Fathers with Sons age 9-13

FIRST TRACKS will help you guide your son through the crucial early stages of his masculine journey and help you make decisive course corrections before larger issues arise. Let us orchestrate a hands-on adventure that will revolutionize your relationship.

THIS adventure

…Just occurred
Next Date TBD
Camp Eagle
Rocksprings, TX


LISTEN TO Some Feedback.

This was created by 13 year old First Tracks attendee Landon Juern.