FAQ's - First tracks manhood Base Camps

What is the purpose of FIRST TRACKS Manhood Base Camps?

The purpose of First Tracks is to prepare fathers for their son's crucial transition from boyhood into manhood by creating an adventure weekend that celebrates their shared masculine hearts. Adventure activities, sacred teaching and directed one-on-one time between fathers and sons will help provide a great start to this exciting new stage in the father-son relationship.

Can I bring more than 1 child at a time?

This question is a good one. While it would seem convenient (and less costly) to bring more than one child to a single Base Camp, it would dilute the power to focus on and speak into each child as an individual.  This is not theoretical, but based on actual experience. It simply doesn't work as well with more than one child at a time. Each of your children is unique, and each are interested in how you feel about them--how you see them, as an individual. This weekend is constructed to focus all of your attention on that one child, make him feel and know that he is the apple of your eye and worthy of your time, money and undivided attention. This one-on-one investment gives far greater power and weight to everything he will hear you say to him over the course of the weekend---and beyond, because it will remain an undeniable statement of your commitment to him. This statement will make your child's heart softer and more receptive to whatever you have to say to him.  If there is tension in the relationship, this helps cut through it.

I have plans to host these, possibly each year, so that each child can have an amazing one-on-one fathering adventure to look back on and treasure forever. I hope to start doing these for daughters as well in the near future.

What are the prerequisites for attending a Being Sons Manhood Base Camp?

To register for First Tracks Base Camp you must be a father, father figure, or some spiritual father to a boy between the ages of 7 and 13 years old to register. 

What can I do to prepare myself and my son for First Tracks?

Be kind. Both to your son and to yourself. In our desire to give our best to our sons it is easy to become frustrated and feel ill-equipped. At First Tracks, together as a group of men we will be inviting God in to our situation to give us and our sons the life lessons we so deeply need to walk in strength, well equipped. God is willing to give in much greater measure than we’re often willing to ask.  So ask for big things. One suggestion is to read “Fathered by God” by author John Eldredge and "Raising a Modern Day Knight" by Robert Lewis.  These are the best reads I know of on intentional fatherhood.

On the use of electronic devices:

Cell phones have become an appendage that often keeps us distracted from being fully present in heart and mind. If you or your son attend but are on your cell phones, you will find your experience severely compromised. We strongly encourage all participants to be cell-phone free this weekend. Thank you.

Will this event be physically demanding?

As much as you want it to be.  All activities are optional but are designed for great fun and are adaptable to skill level. Part of our life-lesson to young boys and men is to deny fear the right to keep us from daring greatly, so your courageous example will be an encouragement to all. Our activities are selected to provide the opportunity to lead them into adventure by example. But we encourage you to participate, but more than anything else just have fun! 

What is included in the price?

First Tracks Base Camp Tuition Cost includes: All meals (catered), snacks, accommodations, professionally outfitted/ guided/supervised activities, presentations with sacred teaching, encouragement and an experience that will change your relationship with your son.

What do I need to bring?

See this attached list for First Tracks Packing List

Will I need extra money?

Nope. But Camp Eagle does have a snack and coffee shop, as well as a souvenir shop with items that require money to obtain them.

Is there any free time? What is there to do?

Yes, in addition to fantastic group activities you will have a large block of time to spend with your son any way you choose. Bring a hammock or a frisbee maybe. A ball and gloves. Of you are inclined to bring your fishing rods or mountain bikes you won't be disappointed because this is a great place for both of these activities. If you are a rock climber with your own gear you are certainly encouraged to bring it, but Camp Eagle will have everything we need to outfit us for a great weekend of adventure. There is no need to bring anything to keep yourself entertained. 

What is the emergency phone number to Camp Eagle?

Cell coverage is really spotty in the wilderness of Camp Eagle so if someone at home needs to get in touch with you they can call the number to Camp Eagle - 830-683-3219.

What will the rooming situation be?

You and your sons will be staying with other father-son pairs in very clean bunkhouses near our meeting room and centrally located to all the camp’s accommodations. If you are attending with another father-son pair you would prefer to be roomed with, please let us know this and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.

Can I arrive late or leave the Event early?

Sorry, but no.  This weekend adventure is a journey and must be treated as such.  To miss any portion would compromise the work God intends to do in you and your son.  Please enjoy the drive but arrive on time and stay until the happy ending.

About Registration for BASIC and ADVANCED Boot CampS

General Registration Information

Registration is open to the public to a limited number of participants on a first come-first served basis.  Individuals may register online by clicking the link on the registration page.  This will take you to a separate and secure registration website.  Shortly after your credit card information has been processed you will receive a confirmation email.  Before the retreat you will receive information that will be essential to prepare yourself for our mission together.

What does the registration fee for ABOB Boot Camp events cover?

Your registration fee covers all activities, professional guides, lodging, meals and snacks through lunch on Sunday, teaching and materials for the whole weekend. It does not include bedding, towels or travel arrangements to and from the event.

Cancellation by Registrant

Full payment is required at the time your reservation is made for this event.  You may cancel your registration and receive a refund of your registration fee up to 30 days prior to the date of the event; provided, however, you will be charged a $100 handling fee upon the cancellation of your registration.  In the event that you cancel your registration less than 30 days prior to the date of the event, you will forfeit the entire registration fee unless we can find another father-son pair to take your place.  Regardless of when you cancel, your registration is not transferable to another event, date, or person.  To cancel your registration, send an e-mail to admin@beingsons.com.

Can I transfer my acceptance or registration to another person?

Sorry, but no.  If you decide not to attend the event, your slot will be given to the first person on the waiting list.

Cancellation by Acts of God or Being Sons

If the event is made impossible by any act of God, war, earthquake, fire, strike, sickness, accident, plague of locusts, epidemic, act of government, its agencies or officers, or any other legitimate cause beyond our control, we will cancel the event and refund your full registration fee to you.