A turnkey adventure to equip you for the adventure of fathering your favorite girl

Raising a daughter into a confident, loving woman is one of the greatest privileges God gives us, but it doesn't come naturally to a man. The deepening beauty of the feminine heart is fueled by different questions than those that rise in the heart of a boy. It's a wise father who studies and invests in his daughter’s heart while she's still young.


FOR FATHERS WITH daughters AGES 7 tO 13

NOVEMBER 1-3, 2019


COST: $585*

When a father pursues the heart of his girl with tenderness and wisdom, he equips her with what she needs most to fully bloom. With hands-on training this weekend adventure will strengthen your relationship and help you become your daughter’s hero for life. We will equip you to skillfully walk with your girl into her early adolescence and make decisive course corrections before larger issues arise.

we will Help you answer her question.

Why do fathers need a weekend great away with their daughters? Listen to founder Jay Heck share why it is critical.

Some Dads share the impact a weekend adventure like First Bloom has had on their relationship with their daughters.


FIRST BLOOM itinerary

Day 1 - Friday:

  • Check-In and Dinner

  • Nighttime Outdoor Activity (for Daughters Only)

  • Presentation 1 for Fathers only

  • Father/Daughter Night time Activities

Day 2 - Saturday:

  • A Professionally Guided Half-Day Group Adventure

  • A Half Day one-on-one time for each Father/Daughter pair. You choose from a wide variety of activities

  • Night time Outdoor Activity (Daughters Only)

  • Presentation 2 (Fathers only)

  • Father/Daughter Night Activities

day 3 - Sunday:

  • Morning Outdoor Activity (Daughters only)

  • Morning Presentation 3 (for Fathers)

  • Morning Father/Daughter Activity - (You won't wanna miss this)

  • Eat Lunch and Depart

*Itinerary is subject to change, but only for the better.

Make our sons in their prime like sturdy oak trees, Our daughters as shapely and bright as fields of wildflowers.
— Psalm 144:12-13 MSG

*Cost is $585 per father/daughter pair. First Bloom includes: All meals (catered), accommodations, professionally outfitted/ guided/supervised activities, presentations, coaching and adventure mementos.

This trip is a one-on-one adventure for fathers (or father figures) to have with daughters (or spiritual daughters) and is limited to 15 father/daughter pairs. While the backdrop for this weekend is adventure there will be no activities that require anything more than a moderate level of fitness and an adventurous spirit. Participation in the adventures is optional but strongly encouraged to receive the highest value from this amazing weekend.

If interested in taking an adventure or sponsoring, please contact us.

Camp Eagle is located in Rock Springs, TX
6424 Hackberry Rd,
Rocksprings, TX 78880