In defiance of darkness' historic claims on me, I chose to install lights in my backyard today instead of letting my joy be stolen by the pressure of preparation for an upcoming mission.  My heart's ache and desperation, historically addressed by striving and over-preparation, found true healing today by stringing up little luminescent reminders of what's to come for me in ACT 4, the next and greatest chapter of our story. I understand if it doesn't sound like something worth wasting keystrokes to document, but it's a victory for me.  A first.  It's an "about face" from the striving and self reliance that has been such an obstacle to really being able to rest in the Father's love and provision for me.

I sit now under this new heavenly glow of lightbulbs with my work still before me and notes spread everywhere. But in worship.  Relaxed.  Thankful.  Hopeful.  Loved.

I'm now looking at my unlit fire pit and am distracted by thoughts of roasting marshmallows.  But I know this thought to be a distraction and not another invitation.  Time to put my head down and get back to work.

But now I work under a new found freedom so delicately illuminated by little white lights.

Much better. This kind of work is a joy.  A partnership.

The battle is the LORD's. I'm believing it a little more this time around.

To hell with the enemy. I choose JOY!

Pilgrim On, J

Sons gotta be defiant sometimes and choose JOY!.