...a pinecone from the Grand Canyon.

...the cyrillic "Pilgrim" branded water bottle from a Russian convenience store.

...the fishing buoy from the beach on the Barents Sea where Yura and I made a bonfire.

...two slices of evergreen; One from Eli and one from Morgan.

...the cigar stub and cork to remind me of those conversations that set me free to be loved.

...wax from sledding the dunes with my Boz. from everywhere.

...a yo-yo from Baer. Aggie bonfire pot that pre-dates the tragic fall.

...beaver wood from Desolation Canyon, and at least 50 more mementos that remind me beyond any doubt that the Boss has seen my work and despite my failings, He seems to really like me.

My Dad runs this place.

That's why I get a corner office and all the promotions I'm able to handle.