a FATHER testifies:

I knew this weekend was going to help me when I started to believe that fathering my son isn’t all up to me, that Father God, Papa, is fathering both of us, together and He knows where we are going.
— Kieth, age 42, father of Konner, First Tracks May 2019

a SON testifies:

I feel like me and my dad have never been this close!
— Westin, age 13, son of Geoff, First Tracks Alumni

So you had a great weekend with your son. Now what?

Just be a son. That’s the secret. Your Father in Heaven already knows how all this is supposed to go and He has every angle covered. The task of raising your son was never intended to be done alone. It’s an opportunity to seek help from your Father and find what you most need, and most want. The tested and true path to authentic manhood is being a son. Practice sonship and things will begin to change, and your son will see it and glory in it.

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I have taken 2 of my sons (Alex 13, Reid 10) on a First Tracks now, and it has transformed our relationships!!! I can not say enough things about this weekend experience. Worth every penny of the expense and the investment of time. Jay is truly anointed for this ministry! And both times the Father came after my heart and brought much needed love to me :)
— Jason Peet, First Tracks Alumni

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