Biker sunrise"If you do not cut the mooring, God will have to break them by a storm and send you out.  Launch all on God, go out on the great swelling tide of His purpose, and you will get your eyes open."  Oswald Chambers A guy who works for me as a salesman has attended a couple of our boot camps and brought several of his mates to the last one.  He is a good man, an avid mountain biker, and a great father to his two girls.  In the course of selling windows, siding, and doors, his heart got awakened to the great need of some of the prospects he encountered.  He:

  • took the time the hear their stories
  • got deeply stirred to help change their circumstances
  • assembled volunteer teams to materially impact their homes and lives
  • partnered with his church to broaden the scope of work
  • institutionalized Love/Serve First projects on a monthly rotation

The first significant encounter involved doing some yard work of a frightened and broken women who had been abandoned by her husband's Alzheimers.  The women said she had prayed that God would send someone and surely this was the one.  Ironic that this messenger of God came in the form of an exterior home replacement contractor salesman.

His church literally shuts down on the first Sunday of every month and encourages every member to "serve first"  through an arranged series of opportunities.  It is the culture and mission of the fellowship.  As radical and unconventional as actually being the Church once a month, instead of merely doing church every week is... wasn't enough for this man.

He started a church expression that meets apart from his normal church three sundays a month.  He and several other men and their families:

  • Meet at the home of a mission project
  • Stream the sermon from his home church on his laptop
  • They arrange activities for the kids including their own role in the work
  • Spend the day working on the home
  • break bread with the family

On the fourth Sunday they join the rest of the congregation for the normal sunday expression.  His passion around what he is doing is inspiring others to join him on the journey.  There is a lot of energy, support, and attention for what he is doing.

Shockingly, his pastors are actually incredibly encouraged by what he is doing.  Not threatened at all.  They see it as the manifestation, at the highest level, of the life they are encouraging all their congregants to live out.

This guy is breathlessly invigorated.

He is resolved and fully alive.

But he is also, as you might imagine, incredibly assaulted.

You want an easy (but stagnant and boring) life?  Get in line, shut up, do the drill, and just don't cause any trouble.

You want a chip in the big game?  Stand up, take you place, exit the Matrix, enter into purpose, and become a change agent.

You want to usher in the glorious mantle of image bearer of a most high God, co-heir of a Kingdom work, and invite others into that better put your "big boy" pants on.  You are now dangerous for good and you will be inviting our enemy to come at you with both barrels blazing.

But, what the hell, it is the bleeding that reminds you that you are really alive.