"The Kingdom.  The garden.  The everlasting promises of God and the glory of eternity.  They are at hand.  I need to look no further than the beauty that lays beside me in my bed.  She is as she always was.  As she was always intended to be.  She is the very hope and promise of God’s great love for me.  She is glorious and I am undone."

That passage is from "Intoxicated", a blog I wrote a couple of year's ago.  It was true at the time and still is very much the way I feel about her...most of the time.  The reality, however, is that sometimes I just don't.  I could give you dozens of reasons why, but at the end of the day there is only one.  Our enemy is set against our marriage.  The desire for one another, that God set in both my wife and I, is constantly assaulted.  Rather than "intoxicated" by one another, I think we both sometimes feel discouraged, frustrated, and even a little pissed off.

Last weekend, I got to spend some time with one of the really good Kings of the Kingdom.  A man who has been blessed by much and clearly offers all that he has been gifted with for the sake of others in his realm.  Like all good Kings, the burden of his stewardship can sometimes be overwhelming.  He is sometimes frustrated by his beloved as well.  We commiserated a bit and then started to zero in on the particular point of his frustration.  And then the Father began to speak.

I am a different man from what transpired.  The Father joined us, spoke clearly, and revealed a different path to life and leading that was previously unseen to me.  He said:

  • clarify all the unclean motives burdening your love and leadership of others
  • leave all but the most noble and clean on the threshing room floor
  • forgive and release any unresolved issues hardening your heart toward them
  • with the rare and clear eyes of forgiveness, see them as I see them
  • intercede for them
  • receive the essential things they need to know about how I love them, think of them, and desire for them to know about who they are
  • speak to them on My behalf

My heart for everyone else in my realm has changed since that conversation.

I desire to see everyone with His eyes.

I want to love them with His good heart for them.

I want to intercede and know them as He does.

And then I want to speak that excavating and healing truth.

Yesterday was a very busy day.  I desperately wanted to do this for all the precious ones in my life.  I ended up working part of the day, had a celebratory lunch with our team at the office, ran valentine's errands for the five beauties in my home, celebrated a birthday, had a date with my wife, and entertained four houseguests visiting from across the country.  I got to everything other than the one thing.  Imagine that.

But I did made it to a stationary store and before the weekend is out, I will:

  • forgive
  • intercede
  • offer healing truth that was both unknown to me and desperately needed by them

I pray you will be inspired to do the same.