I am not quite sure how either of them earn a paycheck. I am not sure which part of the Metroplex they actually live in.

I am pretty sure I know the car one drives, but no idea of the other.

I have not met their wives and know very little about their children.

I don't know where, or whether or not, they attended college.

One just turned 70 and I am pretty sure the other is 40-something.

I am not too sure of their hobbies, but I have some hunches.

I don't even know what college or pro teams they follow.

We've only spent time together a half dozen times or so.

In most of the conventional ways you would "know" a man, we are pretty much strangers, and yet I know them better than virtually every man I have ever known.  Knowing in the deep kind of way that transcends all the traditional metrics.  Far deeper than information, this is the stuff of passion, desire, and purpose.  It is the stuff that should only matter, but rarely does.

They are fully evolved and walking upright.  Not in the way Darwin invents, but in a way far deeper.  They stand a bit above the other men in the confidence and certainty that only comes from intimacy with the Father.  They not only know who they are but are clear in the transcendent mission they were created for.  They are far too rare a breed.

I first met them on a sailboat in Belize.  Me and three of my best mates from the band I run with met up with them and a couple of others from theirs.  We sailed, fished, snorkeled, and scuba dived.  We ate fresh fish and lobster purchased from wooden boated locals right off the stern.  We drank wine, Beliken beer, and smoked Cuban cigars.

Most importantly we laughed, told stories of our love of the Father, and shared our desperate desire to rescue the hearts of men from the bondage we had known and were finding victory from.  God spoke, clarity was found, and we were different men from the experience.  Freedom is the collective cry of our hearts.  The fact that so few know the sweetness of that ransom and rescue is what gnaws at us and propels us forward.

They passed through town last night: relleno, fajita, margarita, beer, chips, and creamy jalapeno sauce shared.  We regaled one another of stories of freedom in our own lives, but most importantly from the lives of those we had been given the privilege of sharing with over the last two weekends.  We knew the sweet fellowship that only comes from that deep knowing...heart knowledge of one another in a common mission.

My precious wife and kids don't really know them.  Very few men in my day-to-day life know them either.  But all those who know me know a bit of the weight of their glory.  For I am different from knowing them...the courage, inspiration, and sense of camaraderie I draw from them has made me a different man.

May we all know the incredible privilege of the fellowship of friends like David and David.  They are part of His overwhelming abundant answer to a heart cry I had to never walk alone as a man.  They are the evidence of God's great love for me.  May you tirelessly seek until you know the same.