Our Love

"I've been walking down this roadOn my own, on my own I've been searching to find my way To find the path you've been driving on

Like the trees wait For the rain to come I feel hope In the strength of Our love

I'm going crazy 'cause you're moving slow The train ain't running like I want it to go

Like the seas wait For the dawn to come I feel hope In the strength of Our love

So wait for me as I wait for you And we'll find the love we've wanted to And all come true And all come true"

"Our Love" by Judah & the Lion

I used to hate my father giving me Hallmark cards for my birthday.  I used to yearn for something unique and creative written in his own hand and in his own words.  Until one year when I ended up at a gift shop where I watched him read every single anniversary card in the rack until he found the one that said exactly what he wanted to say.  That said what he didn't have the words to say on his own.

I think that is what a great song does.   It can give us the words and voice to offer something deep inside of us that we don't have the words to offer ourself.  "Our Love" by Judah & the Lion is one of those songs that is currently speaking to me.  It plays in my mind like a soundtrack for the relationship I have with my wife.  The song I associate with her has changed over time, but rather than simply adjusting to changing musical styles or the vagaries of popular music, "our song" at any given time emanates from something far deeper.

This one speaks of a long awaited love.   Despite a quarter century together, I am continually surprised by the new arrival of her.  The excitement of a treasure newly found.  There is a quality about her that feels perpetually new.

The way she loves.

The way she teaches our children to love.

The long-suffering journey in teaching me how to love.

There is a strength and hope I find in her that I wouldn't know otherwise.  I am more of who I am supposed to be...more of who He intends me to be...because of her.

October 30 at Stubb's in Austin, she and I will take in a late night show by Judah & the Lion.  I'll get another chance, up close and personal, to share the words with her that I don't know how to say on my own.  The love I always wanted has all come true.