"All my life is an answer to the invitation To be a part of the conversation

Living in a bigger story

All this time is history-in-the-making

Always headed for a destination

To take my place in the bigger story

I'm taking my place in the bigger story"

Christine Dente


This is the heart cry of every man.  When I sit around the great table one day in the later on, what sort of tale will they tell about me?  Will it will be full of danger, risk, and adventure?  Will it be disruptive to the less wild story of others?  Will it be the sort that beckons others to a different life?

Every man carries a secret fear...that God didn't mean something when He meant him.  That the adventurous tales of old are not for him...the whole exceptions and not examples thing.  The invitation has been made, however, to be part of a larger conversation, to take our place in a bigger story.  To choose (and "choose" is the operative word) to live a less significant life is to deny the sacrifice paid for us to have such.  It is the submission to the static, tired, and sad, when glory awaits.

I have given away over 4 dozen copies of Donald Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years".  To me, it is some of my pearls of great is a collection of stories about choosing to live in the larger story.  It is the unmistakable and audacious declaration of choosing to live into significance.  It beautifully illustrates that this kind of life defies circumstance, income, or vocation.  It is simply a choice.

I give those books because I believe it contains the answer and explores the mechanism to address that secret desire deep within the heart of every man.  When you submit your life to that kind of story, when you choose to make that one big decision, it seems that all others start to comfortably domino behind.  "Million Miles" doesn't slap you in the face with imperative but woos you with stories of others choosing significance.  That is what a holy adventure romances the viewer toward finding significance in their own story.

"We Bought a Zoo" is a similar story in film.  It is more of my pearls.  Upon casual observance, it is a nice story about a widower buying a zoo with his kids, but there is something far greater going on here.  It is the story of a man choosing a bigger story for his family in the hopes of it changing their future...for the rescue and ransom of their lives.  The shackles shake loose and freedom is found.  It is the contemporaneous that echoes the eternal.  It is The Story revealing itself in our story.  Maybe that is why I am overcome with emotion watching that movie.  Maybe it is why the soundtrack to that movie (I am listening to at this moment) does the same.

While my heart's desire is to live in a bigger story, the purpose of my life is to help others find the same.  My heart cry is that so few do.  The problem with pearls, you see, is some are captivated by their beauty, while others simply trample them.